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green fuse force

Monday I got a jolt of the force that through the green fuse drives the flower. Work and pages offline to me so long I feared them lost were suddenly back again. With digital, it’s always a switch, flick on | flick off. Even when you’re the flicker, the change is sudden.

One of the works lost to me was my cyborganic manifesto, the other was my masters thesis. I had digital and paper copies of the thesis, but nothing of the manifesto. Yet I grinned widely in the moment I realized it was gone. What does it mean when you lose your manifestos? What falls away is always. And is near.

Green fuse force drove a little further today with the re-activation of my pirates website and all this changed my identity in a rather literal, aka textual, way. I made a new .sig file.
<>..............[current project]
<>..........[old work]
<>....[blog as scrapbook, an experiment]

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