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cybersutra #2


you know you’re a geek when your play is more work than your work.

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  1. The Other! He looks like a Jack Kirby comic book super-villain, too, doesn’t he? I run OS X, too, but I’ve never seen him. What a sinister, elusive figure! If I ever finally make up my mind that this world would benefit from the emergence of a costumed super-villain, I’m going to swipe his name and likeness…

    I rather delight in the smatterings of post-structuralist language I find here, often, but by no means always indicated by an unexpected solidus — “The Machine is Us/ing Us,” “I am/is”. Finding new meanings in the language we’ve already got, without neologizing (or not abusing it, at least); very admirable. In this spirit, I propose an alternate reading of the first example I cited: the machine is “Us”-ing us (imagine it pronounced “ussing us”) — that is, making us *us*. Pity there’s no apparent way to write italics in these comments…

    Oh; and it’s turret, not turrent. Don’t worry; I don’t count that as neologizing.

    Comment by Peter Getty — March 8, 2007 @ 4:05 pm

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