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my ADD prevents RSI

July 18th, 2004

Cyber Lotus Imagecybersutra #3 / ADD prevents RSI

Where the 80s had chronic fatigue syndrome, the 90s had attention deficit disorder (ADD) and repetitive stress injuries (RSI). The former was not only preferable, but was and is, i would argue, a useful adaptation to life in these times.

When friends began to suffer the stains and arrows of shooting pain in wrists, arms, necks and fingers–the wages of logging too much time at a keyboard–i never did. my ADD prevents undue repetition and i tend away from doing the same thing the same way twice in a row. i also avoid stepping on cracks for the sake of my mother’s dorsal region, but that’s more an OCD thing.

assume the subject position

July 9th, 2004

drcooljr.jpgwhen i was young,
i thought i would
become a man,
if i learnt enough.

it wasn’t a bodily matter,
nor even the desire
to be hero of my own life.

i just wanted a speaking part.