A Screen-Side Chat with Da Mayor
  In order to view the Screen-side Chat with Mayor Willie Brown you need to have one (or more) of the following in order of preference:

Java-enabled Web browser

Users with a current version of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer have nothing to worry about - just enter the chat site and everything is taken care of for you as your browser loads all the parts you need to get chatting.

iChat plug-in or ActiveX enabled client

Get the iChat plugin for Netscape Navigator 2.0 or greater or Internet Explorer 2.0 from iChat or use Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 with ActiveX enabled.


Most communications programs have telnet clients - or you can get NCSA's Telnet for Macintosh, Windows or UNIX (X-Windows) Telnet users can use the warm and friendly environs of the text world to chat with Mayor Brown. Telnet to chat.damayor.org 5000 and log in
Username: Password: (leave blank for guest access)

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