Chat with Da Mayor

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown describes his city as "the multimedia capitol of the planet". San Francisco is indeed a very special place; a community proud of not only our technological achievements, but also our progressive thinking and strong political convictions. These qualities come together in a groundbreaking event, as Da Mayor opens the door to his constituents through the Internet.

Monday, 4-Nov-96
5:00pm PST
Da Mayor
To the Chat

Whether your interest is business, politics, or just to put in your two cents, join Mayor Willie Brown for an online question and answer session Monday, November 4th, at 5:00pm PST.

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the roundtable

After Q&A with Da Mayor, stay tuned as a panel of prominent online San Franciscans discuss the issues. Peruse the roundtable section to learn more about our diverse and exciting panel, and the unique perspective that each member brings to this forum.

the issues

"A Screen-side chat with Da Mayor" extends Mayor Brown's "Open Door Day" to the Internet, and all questions concerning the San Francisco community are welcome. We have assembled a list of some key issues sure to be at the center of the discussion.

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