Chat with Da Mayor

Neo Communication is a full service Web development firm based in San Francisco and known for its technological innovation and programming expertise. Neo provides complete Web solutions specializing in information design, database engineering, Java programming, online commerce, and foreign language site development. Neo combines its formidable engineering talent with a profound understanding that communication is always a human problem and always requires a human, rather than purely technological, solution.

Neo Communication has been developing Web sites since the Web first came into public use in 1994. This long-term perspective on media and technology equips Neo with the vision and drive to bring an event like "Screen-side Chat with Da Mayor" together on the Web. The creation and development of this event is a result of Neo's continuing commitment to using new media as a tool for civic participation. Neo produced "Screen-side Chat with Da Mayor" in cooperation with the Office of Mayor Willie Brown and with generous support from our sponsors. Neo Communication can be reached by telephone at (415) 512-9999, by email at, and on the World Wide Web at

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