Lessons from New Day's Web Experience

1. Building the New Day website (www.newday.com)

May 1996, New Day launched a dynamic, database driven site that included:

2. Maintaining the New Day website

Look at your site as a long-term information resource: maintaining it is an on-going, recursive process. All film and filmmaker pages on the New Day site are generated dynamically out of a database. This part of the New Day site can be administered and updated directly over the Web.

Despite building the site on a database and expecting a certain amount of on-going maintenance, we were surprised by the scope and scale of required changes and updates. In the first year of using the site and learning about creating an effective Web presence (i.e. a site that attracts visitors and leads to increased film sales) we found we wanted/needed to make the following changes for the following reasons:

3. Promoting the New Day website

In the first year since launch there has been almost no collateral promotion of our website

Traffic Statistics (visitors to New Day site)

Sample New Day Traffic log:

BASED ON HITS (4/16 to 6/7/97) PAGE VIEWS
navigation graphic 12,237 776
index.html 12,189 743

Averages out to: 37 visits per day, and 611 hits per day, which comes to about 16 1/2 hits per visitor, so that probably means most visitors were staying long enough to look at at least one film.

"hits" versus actual page views

To run statistics for your own webpage, see pwebstats - a Perl WWW Statistics Generator at: http://www.unimelb.edu.au/pwebstats/pwebstats.html

Sales Generated through the New Day website

New Day's 1997-98 Website Promotion Initiatives