Video clip from Columbus


Synapse Technologies
Los Angeles, CA
1992 - 1993

Wrote, edited and produced natural and human science chapters for Evolution/Revolution, part of the Columbus Project, created by multimedia pioneer Robert Abel for I.B.M.

With James Earl Jones as narrator and Joe Morton as storyteller, these interactive titles span Europe and the Americas from the early Renaissance to the 20th Century from five different cultural perspectives -- White/European, Black/African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Native American.

The largest multimedia project ever made, Columbus is on permanent display at the Library of Congress, National Demonstration Laboratories for new media & technology.

Using a monitor or TV, a Pioneer LaserDisc Player and an advanced concept engine, Columbus connects 4400 scenes, 3500 concepts, 5 hours of video, 180 hours of self-navigable imagery and over 900,000 soft links on 3 videodiscs and 1 computer optical disc. It runs under IBM PS/2.