A World I'd Like To See

A World I'd Like To See

  • Primary
  • Year 3 - 6
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Social
  • Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Social Action
  • ...

Lesson summary

Imagine a world where people are valued equally, wherever they come from. Wouldn’t you want to live there? Explore what this world might look like.

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Curriculum mapping

Curriculum codes:

Ideal for: Upper Primary Ages 7 -12

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts, Health and Physical Education, LiteracyPersonal and Social CapabilityEthical Understanding

Tips for parents and carers

Dignity is the belief that our basic humanity is shared with every other person on this planet. Before completing this task you might like to read the Dignity Definition factsheet from Global Dignity.

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