Education to Build Resilience to Natural Disasters

Building resilience to natural disasters

Australia has experienced increasingly frequent, intense, repeated, and now overlapping shocks such as fires, floods, and drought. Coupled with chronic stresses including economic inequity, reduced levels of services in rural and regional areas, and social exclusion these disasters have conspired to challenge communities across the country. Communities have little or no time to prepare, respond and recover from each of these events before the next arrives.

About the Resources

Students will grow their understanding of what a natural disaster is, how it functions, and what actions they can take to make themselves and their local communities more prepared and more resilient. This leads to better outcomes before, during and after they have been impacted by a natural disaster.

Across a range of subjects, students will explore leadership qualities, social and emotional well-being, technologies to assist with natural disaster recovery, and social actions they can take to increase their fire and flood preparedness.



Professional learning

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Minderoo Foundation’s Fire and Flood Resilience Initiative aims to reduce the harm caused to communities and the environment, by fire and flood. They harness the collective power of communities, industry, government, philanthropy and the research sector to lift Australia to be the global leader in fire and flood resilience by 2025. For more information see Minderoo Foundation’s website.