Earth Hour Teaching Resources for Schools

Why take part?

We need to take time out for our planet. Our environment continues to degrade at an alarming pace. Eastern Australia is among the 24 global deforestation fronts, and we are the only developed nation on this list.

An estimated 200,000 trees are bulldozed in Australia every day. That’s 8,000 trees every hour.

Your students might like to Wear It Wild on Earth Hour Schools Day (22 March 2024).

This is WWF-Australia’s NEW annual Earth Hour fundraising event, held each year to help schools celebrate, support and learn about the environment. Students and teachers across Australia are encouraged to Wear it Wild by wearing wildlife-inspired fancy dress to school in exchange for a gold coin donation to raise funds to protect Australia’s precious landscapes and unique wildlife, like koalas.

How can schools get involved?

Earth Hour Schools Day is the day before Earth Hour. Sign up to participate in Earth Hour as a school here. Download the Earth Hour Info Bundle For Schools to participate. Educators can download the Earth Hour resources below to teach meaningful lessons in the lead-up to Earth Hour. 

Don’t forget to register your school below.

Koala Conservation with WWF-Australia and Australia Post

In 2022, koalas on Australia’s east coast were officially listed as endangered after a dramatic population decline. Habitat destruction, climate change and extreme weather events, including bushfires and floods, have significantly impacted koalas.

These lessons have been created in partnership with WWF-Australia and made possible thanks to its proud supporter, Australia Post. As one of Australia’s most trusted conservation organisations, WWF works tirelessly to turn this tragedy around. Australia Post will join them in their mission to double koala numbers across eastern Australia by 2050.

Koalas and Biodiversity

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These lesson has been created in partnership with WWF-Australia.