Bees Protection and Conservation Education Resources

Our food supply depends on Bees!

It is estimated that by 2050 the world's population will reach 9.7 billion people. Although this seems a long way away, it is within students' lifetime.

Most Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds, and Livestock Feed production is dependant on the existence of Bees. They are more vulnerable to disease and pests through the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and modern agricultural practices. Human activity is reducing the habitat and food sources.

What can we do?

ACT for Bees has put together some great resources and actions that you and your kids can take part in to raise awareness and habitat for these local legends. Please share these resources.More bees equals more food security for all!

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Love Food? Love Bees! - Beeing Helpful

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With thanks to our partner

These lessons have been created in partnership with ACT for Bees. ACT for Bees is a not-for-profit organisation taking action to preserve these essential pollinators to ensure a food secure future.