Blueback: Marine Conservation Resources for Schools

Literacy support and ocean conservation through film

These Geography and HASS lessons, (years 5 & 6), allow students to explore marine conservation in Australia by studying the film Blueback, based on Tim Winton’s novel of the same name. Through the sequence of learning and viewing of the film, students’ ocean literacy and interest in marine conservation flourish while teachers are supported with lessons incorporating analysis, evaluation and creation of texts; encouraging curiosity, passion and empathy and fostering a productive class culture.

Accessing the film

Teachers should watch Blueback (2022) so they are familiar with the narrative, characters and content. Currently, the film is available on multiple streaming services for purchase or rent, you can view the list of where you can access it at Justwatch. You can access the film here.

Watching the film as a class helps contextualise the lessons, but each lesson features clips from the film to reinforce the context of learning, meaning the lessons can stand alone without the film.


Primary lessons

Home learning

With thanks to our partner

Minderoo Foundation is proud to be the education partner for the film adaption of Tim Winton’s best-selling book, Blueback.