About the Cool.org Hope Framework

Cool understands our responsibility when tackling sensitive and potentially distressing topics. We have created the Cool.org Hope Framework to use when discussing challenging issues to ensure psychological safety for teachers and students.

The Cool.org Hope Framework is informed by evidence from positive psychology. Hope Theory (developed by Charles Snyder) is based on research that found that hopeful people are more able to make and work towards goals despite setbacks or challenges. Research has shown that people who are hopeful are more resilient and will perform better academically while also achieving better mental health and wellbeing.

Our Framework has been designed into 3 drivers with 8 tactics, each with its own explanation and suggested applications. It’s the perfect complement and guide for the Tune In and Find Out stages of our resources.

We have also developed the Cool.org Act Framework, which you can access here.

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How To Teach Sustainability With Hope

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Printable Versions

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