Amy's Balancing Act: Teaching Climate Change Through Storytelling

About the book

Written by Bjorn Sturmberg and illustrated by Laura Stitzel, Amy’s Balancing Act is a fantastic text for use in classrooms or at home to start a conversation with primary school aged kids about energy.

The story of Amy and her animal friends is a fable about the energy transition, from coal to clean energy technologies. It shows how this is essentially a challenge of letting go of the old and learning to work with a diverse team with individual strengths and weaknesses.

The book is unique in inspiring discussions of diversity, team work, the emotions of change, as well as the science of different energy technologies.

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You can find a physical copy of the book here. 

You can also access the book for educational purposes here, using the password SchoolAccess.

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg is a Research Leader in the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program at The Australian National University where he works on research, development, demonstration, and commercialisation of low carbon electricity and transport systems.

Dr Sturmberg’s background includes a PhD in theoretical physics; an Innovation Fellowship from the Myer Foundation; implementing Australia’s first solar + storage apartment microgrid; and leading a startup that makes solar work for rental properties from inception to acquisition.