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newton’s window

i stared at it for quite a long time and couldn’t decide if i ought regard it a shrine or a relic.
he believed in witches, my ludic dark side whispers, so do i the other i replies.
straight before me in that cross building joining the cathedral-sized chapel and fortified archway, right there behind those center windows, is the room where Isaac Newton made his optics experiments, right about this time of day.

what light, i marvel. what utterly perfect light in which to view this holy place of science. it is thrice blessed for it brings out the green of grass, as much as the blue of sky, and purple of hair.

“shrine, yes shrine,” i decided as i walked around the green at Kings College, Cambridge. “shrine on you crazy diamond, hehe indeed.” i’d seen a lot of holy places that day. great uncle harrie’s classroom, the oldest college at Cambridge, the murky river Cam, the Cavendish where Rutherford discovered corpuscles, particles that later came to be recognized as electrons. yes indeed, i was high on science and it was definitely time to hit the pub and put a lid on it.

just then, out of the corner of my eye, i saw Luddie Balmer coming towards me. here; in the wide, open plane of rationality; in the pure light of science; there was absolutely no place to hide. so, i smiled and got to work on a lie. naturally, he would have something that needed my full and immediate attention. just as naturally, i would not attend to any of it until my own and earlier plan for a pint had been executed in full.

“Ludwig, my dear man, how are you?” i say as jovially as I can.

“don’t pretend you’re happy to see me. i know you thought you were done for the week. i know you have an eight o’clock train.”

“all that can be changed. of course i’m happy to see you.” lie one.

“i’m just headed to meet some folks for a drink. interesting and important folks, you must come along.” lie two.

“let’s just say it took an hour or two longer to find me than it did, huh? you caught me at the station, alright?” lie three, and arguably the worst since it solicited another to join me in deception.

let the games begin, i thought, as we walked amicably together toward the pub. fasten your togas party people, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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