Healthy Koala Habitats

Healthy Koala Habitats

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  • Year 5 - 6
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Activity summary

Our iconic Australian koalas are not just adorable, they’re simply amazing as well! Explore how koalas are uniquely adapted to Australia’s environment, the challenges they are facing and how you can help keep koalas forever.


  • fresh air (outdoor learning/nature play)
  • chill time (meditation/mindfulness)
  • think and connect (reading, writing, critical thinking, conversation)

Activity guides and printables

Activity Instructions
Koala Adaptations Worksheet
Koala Features Visual Explainer

Activity details

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum connections: Science, years 5 and 6

Curriculum codes: 

  • examine how particular structural features and behaviours of living things enable their survival in specific habitats (AC9S5U01)
  • investigate the physical conditions of a habitat and analyse how the growth and survival of living things is affected by changing physical conditions (AC9S6U01)

NSW Syllabus outcomes: ST3-4LW-S, ST3-4LW-S

Resources Required

Additional Info

This lesson has been created in partnership with WWF-Australia and made possible thanks to its proud supporter, Australia Post.

In 2022, koalas on Australia’s east coast were officially listed as an endangered species, after dramatic population decline. Habitat destruction, climate change and extreme weather events including bushfires and floods have had a significant impact on koalas.

As one of Australia’s most trusted conservation organisations, WWF is working tirelessly to turn this tragedy around with Australia Post joining them in their mission to double koala numbers across eastern Australia by 2050.

Tips for parents and caregivers: If you are planning for your child/ren to work through this independently, it is a good idea to start with the glossary in the student worksheet and check their understanding of key terms.

Safety advice:

In this lesson, children need to head outside and observe the plants and animals in an environment. Make sure children have appropriate sun protection, footwear, and water. Make sure you discuss plants or animals in the environment that may cause harm (e.g. snakes, bull ants, stinging nettles) and how to be safe around these things.

Time required: 60 minutes

Ideal for: Upper Primary

Level of teacher scaffolding:  Some children will be able to work on this activity with minimal support.

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