Leaf Rubbing Art (home learning)

Leaf Rubbing Art (home learning)

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Activity Summary

Collect interesting shaped leaves in your garden, in the park or on a walk around the streets. When you get home, make a piece of art by rubbing over the leaves. 

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Lesson Plan

Activity details

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum codes:

Curriculum connections: Science, Maths, Arts, Physical Education, Critical and Creative Thinking

Resources Required

  • Bag for carrying your leaves 
  • Crayons, pastels (or coloured pencils)
  • Leaves of various shapes and sizes 
  • White paper

Additional Info

Younger kids will need support to complete this activity. Some kids will be able to work on this activity with minimal support.

Ideal for: Early Learning and Lower Primary Ages 3 – 7


  • investigate 
  • fresh air 
  • chill time 
  • be creative 

Time required: 20 minutes

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Tips for Parents and Carers

There are so many learning opportunities within a seemingly simple activity such as this. Firstly, the activity of choosing the leaves includes close scientific observation – which ones have the most interesting shapes, which ones are flatter, which ones have interesting veins? Comparing the sizes and areas of the leaves are early mathematical concepts of comparison and shape. The composition of the leaves and the colours that are used in the leaf rubbing are artistic choices. And finally, the strength and dexterity of holding the leaves still and rubbing them build fine and gross motor skills. Not to mention the feelings of joy and wonder as the imprint magically appears – or perhaps the frustration felt and resilience built when children find it hard at first but are encouraged to persevere! 

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