Place The Sticker (home learning)

Place The Sticker (home learning)

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Lesson Summary

Playing with stickers is just about the most fun activity in the world. Here’s a quick and easy game to see how precise you can be! 

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Curriculum Mapping

EYLF Learning Outcomes:
Learning Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
Ideal for: Early Learning Ages 3-4

  • investigate 
  • playtime 
  • brain teasers 
  • chill time 
  • be creative 

Time required: 20 minutes 
Curriculum connections: The Arts, Craft, Critical and Creative Thinking

Additional Info

Learning@Home resources are designed for parents and teachers to use with children in the home environment. They can be used as stand-alone activities or built into existing curriculum-aligned learning programs. Our Learning@Home series includes two types of resources. The first are fun and challenging real-world activities for all ages, the second are self-directed lessons for upper primary and secondary students. These lessons support independent learning in remote or school settings.

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