Shiny Memories (home learning)

Shiny Memories (home learning)

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Lesson Summary

“Happiness hides in little things.” _
“Buried treasure. _
_A box of shiny things.” _
Boxes can hold many different types of collections. Maybe you collect stamps, or feathers, or rocks, or laughter. Boxes can hold many different types of things, including shiny objects full of shiny memories. Different items (shiny or not shiny) remind us of different people. Let’s collect objects that remind us of our loved ones. 

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Lesson details

Curriculum Mapping

EYLF Learning Outcomes:
Learning Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
Ideal for: Early Learning Ages 3 – 5

  • chill time 
  • be creative 
  • think and connect 

Time required: 30 minutes
Curriculum connections: The Arts, Personal and Social Capability
Tips for Parents and Carers
This is a simple exercise cementing thoughtful, mindful memories of people within your kids’ life through the act of purposefully gathering objects that link them to people. Some objects might seem random, ask your kid/s to explain the connection and if it is the smell, the look or the feel of the object that leads them to the memory. If it is not possible to gather the ideal objects, you could have them draw it, and then put the folded piece of paper into the box, or to draw it onto the box itself.

Additional Info

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