More Than A Tree (home learning)

More Than A Tree (home learning)

  • Primary
  • Year 5 - 6
  • English
  • Creative writing
  • Environmental
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainability
  • Social
  • Outdoor Learning
  • ...

Lesson summary

Nature has been the inspiration for many poets and artists as it can provide so many sounds, colours, smells and feelings – all fantastic things to write descriptive words about. In this activity, you will write a poem after being inspired by trees!

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Student Worksheet

Additional info

Learning@Home resources are designed for parents and teachers to use with children in the home environment. They can be used as stand-alone activities or built into existing curriculum-aligned learning programs. Our Learning@Home series includes two types of resources. The first are fun and challenging real-world activities for all ages, the second are self-directed lessons for upper primary and secondary students. These lessons support independent learning in remote or school settings.

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