Regenerating Australia - Regenerating Democracy

Regenerating Australia - Regenerating Democracy

  • Secondary
  • Year 9 - 10
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Social
  • Social Action
  • ...

Lesson summary

Have you ever wondered what it might take to rejuvenate Australia’s democracy and get you adults involved throughout the process? In this lesson, students watch a section of “Regenerating Australia” that explores a rejuvenated and transparent democracy system and begin to unravel truths. Students will research their local MP and find out how they vote on issues, then become active participants in the democratic system by communicating with their local MP about a topic that is important to them. Finally, students will return to the questions asked in the barometer activity to reflect on whether their understanding has changed.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • understand how and why individuals and groups participate in and contribute to the democratic process
  • recognise some of the challenges to sustaining a resilient democracy
  • become familiar with ways that the resilience of the Australian democratic system can be improved.

Success criteria:

Students can...

  • identify who their local MP is, and how they vote on specific issues
  • engage with their local MP on issues that matter to them
  • reflect on the challenges that exist in relation to being engaged in Australia’s democratic system.

Lesson guides and printables

Lesson Plan
Student Worksheet
Teacher Content Info

Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian curriculum content descriptions: 

Year 9 Civics and Citizenship:

  • How and why individuals and groups, including religious groups, participate in and contribute to civic life (ACHCK079)

Year 10 Civics and Citizenship:

  • The challenges to and ways of sustaining a resilient democracy and cohesive society (ACHCK094)

General capabilities: Literacy.

Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability, Critical and Creative Thinking.

Relevant parts of Year 9 Civics and Citizenship achievement standards: 
Students reflect on how groups participate and contribute to civic life. They develop and present evidence-based arguments on civics and citizenship issues using appropriate texts, subject-specific language and concepts. Students analyse ways they can be active and informed citizens in different contexts.

Relevant parts of Year 10 Civics & Citizenship achievement standards:
Students evaluate a range of factors that sustain democratic societies. They account for and evaluate different interpretations and points of view on civics and citizenship issues. Students develop and present evidenced-based arguments incorporating different points of view on civics and citizenship issues. They use appropriate texts, subject-specific language and concepts. They evaluate ways they can be active and informed citizens in different contexts.

Teaching Time: 180 mins (best taught over two lessons).

Level of teacher scaffolding: High – support student movement around the classroom during learning activities, and facilitate class discussions.

Resources required


This lesson is designed to build students’ competencies in the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Community engagement
  • Critical thinking
  • Ethical understanding
  • Global citizenship
  • Problem solving
  • Social skills

Additional info

Regenerating Australia is a Regen Studios film developed and produced in association with WWF-Australia. Cool Australia and Regen Studios would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of Shark Island FoundationDocumentary Australia Foundation, and our philanthropic partners in the development of these teaching resources.

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