Outdoor Learning - Classifying The Living World Around You

Outdoor Learning - Classifying The Living World Around You

  • Secondary
  • Year 7 - 8
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Environmental
  • Biodiversity
  • Social
  • Outdoor Learning
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Lesson summary

It’s time to think and work like a scientist. Kids are really good at asking questions as they make sense of the world they live in. This activity gives you the chance to explore how scientists classify all of the living things on our planet. 

Biological classification is the process by which scientists group living organisms. Organisms are classified based on how similar they are. 

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Curriculum mapping

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Safety advice: Conduct a risk assessment of the site before heading out. Examples of potential dangers outside: large trees with dead or dying limbs, stinging or biting insects, sunburn and dehydration. It’s also best to be prepared by having a phone and first aid kit handy.
Some kids will be able to work on this activity with minimal support.

Ideal for: Lower Secondary


  • investigate 
  • think and connect 

Time required: Part A – 30 minutes; Part B – 50 minutes; Part C – 30 minutes 

Curriculum connections: Science, Critical and Creative Thinking, Sustainability

Additional info

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