Understanding environmental art

Understanding environmental art

  • Secondary
  • Year 9 - 10
  • The Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Environmental
  • Sustainability
  • ...

Lesson summary

In this activity students are asked to examine the three main forms of environmental art: 1. Art that is inspired by the natural world; 2. Art that celebrates personal engagement in nature; 3. Art that directly addresses environmental issues. Students are first asked to assess a number of different works of art, and then plan a series of environmental artworks based on the three categories of environmental art. Students present their planned artworks to the class for feedback.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • recognise that there are multiple forms of environmental art
  • critically analyse some visual intentions used by a a range of environmental artists
  • recognise a range of visual conventions used by environmental artists.

Lesson guides and printables

Lesson Plan
Student Worksheet

Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian Curriculum content descriptions:

Years 9 & 10 Visual Arts:

  • Conceptualise and develop representations of themes, concepts or subject matter to experiment with their developing personal style, reflecting on the styles of artists, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists (ACAVAM125)
  • Manipulate materials, techniques, technologies and processes to develop and represent their own artistic intentions (ACAVAM126)
  • Plan and design artworks that represent artistic intention (ACAVAM128)
  • Evaluate how representations communicate artistic intentions in artworks they make and view to inform their future art making (ACAVAR130)

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical understanding.

Time required: 2 x 60 mins

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – oversee activity and facilitate discussion

Resources required

  • Internet access
  • Access to library
  • Student worksheet

Additional info

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