Schools Tree Day - Connecting With the Environment

Schools Tree Day - Connecting With the Environment

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  • Mental Health
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  • Mindfulness and Meditation
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This unit focuses on teaching students about mindfulness and the environment through activities related to Schools Tree Day. Students will learn how to plant and care for seedlings while developing skills in focus, attention, resilience, emotional intelligence, and regulation of the body and emotions. They will also investigate the needs of plants and how they relate to human survival. Through various activities, students will tune into their senses and inner thoughts and feelings, and learn to appreciate and care for their local environment.

Following these lesson plans is an ideal way for your school to take part in the largest nature-care event in Australian schools, Planet Ark’s Schools Tree Day (as part of National Tree Day). You’ll be joining thousands of amazing teachers in making a difference, fostering a child’s love of nature and creating positive environmental change. So, get growing! It only takes a minute to register at

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Explicit instruction on the topic, increasing in complexity and breadth of knowledge.

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