Species Discovery Drawing (home learning)

Species Discovery Drawing (home learning)

  • Primary
  • Year 3 - 4
  • Science
  • The Arts
  • Environmental
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainability
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Lesson Summary

You have discovered a never before seen animal in your backyard. It’s unlike anything else that has ever existed! The world is waiting for you to release the first pictures of this creature, and since you discovered it, you get to name it as well.

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Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum codes:

Complete lesson for classroom teachers:
Safety advice: Be careful when using scissors and make sure never to run with them in your hand.
This is a good activity for kids to complete independently.
Ideal for: Middle Primary Ages 7 – 9

  • be creative 

Time required: 20 minutes 
Curriculum connections: Science, Visual Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking
Tips for Parents and Carers
If your kid/s are having difficulty being creative, ask them about some of their favourite animals and the features about them they like. Try combining two or more animals to form a completely new animal.

Additional Info

Every animal on the planet can be classified (sorted) according to this system. There are rules about what features an animal has to have to fit into a certain category. Whilst every animal fits into the Animalia Kingdom, the levels get more and more specific. So lions and tigers are identical right up until the Species level, which makes sense because cats are very similar in almost every way.
Classifying animals is known as taxonomy.
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