Meaningful Moments: Investigate Your Unique Eucalyptus Trees

Meaningful Moments: Investigate Your Unique Eucalyptus Trees

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Activity summary

Students will investigate some of the eucalyptus trees in their local area. They will do this by describing the features of different eucalyptus trees, making eucalyptus oil, and creating an artwork from eucalyptus leaves.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • understand that different eucalyptus trees have different features and can be used for different purposes.

Success criteria:

Students can...

  • observe and describe features of eucalyptus trees
  • safely follow the procedures required to make eucalyptus oil
  • think creatively to generate and develop ideas for artworks.

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Activity Instructions

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This lesson is designed to build students’ competencies in the following skills:

  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • curiosity

Curriculum Mapping

Australian Curriculum (v9.0) content description:

Year 7 Science:

  • Plan and conduct reproducible investigations to answer questions and test hypotheses, including identifying variables and assumptions and, as appropriate, recognising and managing risks, considering ethical issues and recognising key considerations regarding heritage sites and artefacts on Country/Place (AC9S7I02)
  • Write and create texts to communicate ideas, findings and arguments for specific purposes and audiences, including selection of appropriate language and text features, using digital tools as appropriate (AC9S7I08)

Relevant parts of Year 7 Science achievement standards: Students plan and conduct safe, reproducible investigations to test relationships and aspects of scientific models. They select and use language and text features appropriately for their purpose and audience when communicating their ideas and findings.

NSW Syllabus outcomes: SC5-5WS

General capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking

Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability.

Resources Required

  • Access to eucalyptus trees where trunk, bark, leaves and nuts can be examined and thoughtfully collected
  • Materials for eucalyptus treasure hunt: devices for online research, paper, pens, bags for collecting samples
  • Materials for making oil: eucalyptus leaves, little glass jars, olive oil, spoon, recipe link:

Additional Info

This is an original Cool+ lesson.

Level of teacher scaffolding: High - supervise students outside and in the collection of eucalyptus leaves. Oversee the creation of the eucalyptus oil.

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