Table Top Soccer - Scorecard

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Fact sheet summary

Play a game of tabletop soccer with your students!

Divide the class into groups of three or four students. Each group will need this scorecard, 2 craft sticks and some tape. Tape each stick vertically to the side of a desk, about 20cm apart, to make some soccer goals. At the other end of the desk, place a small piece of tape on the tabletop for the penalty spot. Write each student’s name across the top of the score sheet.

Each student has 10 attempts to score a goal. They place the ball on the penalty spot, and they can push, hit or flick the ball to try and get it through the goal. As they go, they need to keep track of goals scored on their score sheet. If they have learnt about tally marks, they can use them! If not, they can keep track by drawing stars or smiley faces. When everyone has had ten attempts, each team totals their score.

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