Amy's Balancing Act - Books about climate change

Amy's Balancing Act - Books about climate change

  • Primary
  • Year 5 - 6
  • English
  • Learning through literature
  • Environmental
  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Sustainability
  • ...

Lesson summary

Amy’s Balancing Act by Bjorn Sturmberg and Laura Stitzel is a colourful, easy-to-read picture book for younger kids perfect for starting conversations about energy and its impact on the climate.

Learning intentions:

Students will..

  • understand the effects of text structures and language features on audiences.

Success criteria: 

Students can..

  • ... describe the effectiveness and challenges of using the structure of a kid's picture book to affect audiences
  • explain renewable energy sources within the content of Amy's Balancing Act
  • ... create their own fables to demonstrate their mastery of using text structures to communicate messages to audiences.

Lesson guides and printables

Lesson Plan

Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian curriculum content descriptions: 

Year 5 English:

  • Use metalanguage to describe the effects of ideas, text structures and language features on particular audiences (ACELT1795)
  • Create literary texts using realistic and fantasy settings and characters that draw on the worlds represented in texts students have experienced (ACELT1612)

Year 6 English:

  • Analyse and evaluate similarities and differences in texts on similar topics, themes or plots (ACELT1614)
  • Create literary texts that adapt or combine aspects of texts students have experienced in innovative ways (ACELT1618)

Syllabus outcomes: EN3-1A, EN3-7C

Relevant parts of Year 5 English achievement standards: Students explain how text structures assist in understanding the text. They understand how language features, images and vocabulary influence interpretations of characters, settings and events. They analyse and explain literal and implied information from a variety of texts. 

Relevant parts of Year 6 English achievement standards: Students understand how the use of text structures can achieve particular effects. They analyse and explain how language features, images and vocabulary are used by different authors to represent ideas, characters and events. Students compare and analyse information in different and complex texts, explaining literal and implied meaning.

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking.

Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability. 

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – Teachers guide students through the learning and support during independent work. 

Resources required

  • Art supplies – coloured pencils and textas
  • A computer with access to the internet
  • Factsheet – Everything you need to know about energy (optional)
  • Text – Amy’s Balancing Act. You can purchase a physical copy of the book here. You can also access the book for educational purposes here, using the password SchoolAccess
  • The ‘teacher’ worksheet (below), which you can print off. This has all the instructions to follow
  • White paper.

Additional nfo

Amy’s Balancing Act is a story about the clean energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables and energy storage. The story captures how this transition requires an openness to change and a shift in mindset: from fixating on rigid control to working flexibly with diverse technologies.

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