Aspire Generation - Setting Your Path

Aspire Generation - Setting Your Path

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  • Year 9 - 10
  • Work Studies
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Lesson summary

This lesson encourages students to think about what makes work meaningful and fulfilling through two short online clips. They will then consider how to identify the pathways that they will personally find meaningful and fulfilling. Students will develop skills that will give them the confidence to manage their own career development. They research ways that different pathways can be explored, experienced and assessed in relation to personal preference. Students will then collaborate to create a “20 ways to find your meaningful, fulfilling career” list, which will be publicly displayed for the benefit of other students in the school.

Essential questions:

  • What is involved in career development?
  • How do I manage my career?
  • How can I start to do these things now?

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Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian curriculum content descriptions:

Year 9 Work Studies:

  • Recognise the importance of self-awareness in career and life design (ACWSCL013
  • Source career information and resources (ACWSCL014

Year 10 Work Studies:

  • Apply knowledge of self to career decision-making processes (ACWSCL032
  • Use career decision-making processes to filter career scenarios (ACWSCL033

General capabilities: LiteracyCritical and Creative ThinkingPersonal and Social Capability

Relevant parts of Year 9 achievement standards: Students explain the relationships between self-awareness and career planning resources. They investigate the changes occurring in work, workplaces and work-related relationships and the factors contributing to the changes. They identify opportunities associated with these changes. Students create career scenarios and identify the skills to manage career transitions.

Relevant parts of Year 10 achievement standards: Students understand the importance of growing self-awareness in improving learning, accessing work opportunities and developing appropriate skills and making more-informed subject and career choices. 

Unit of work: Aspire Generation – Work Studies

Time required: 120 mins (or 2x 60 mins).

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – facilitate class discussion.

Resources required

Student Worksheets – one copy per student OR computers/tablets to access the online worksheet. Device capable of presenting a video to the class, enough laptops/tablets for one per student or in pairs, research guide (print enough for one guide per student). A3 paper (optional), printer (optional), glue (optional), Blu-Tack.


This lesson is designed to build students’ competencies in the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Social skills
  • Initiative
  • Digital literacy

Additional info

This lesson supports La Trobe University’s Aspire Generation initiative, which empowers students to drive change through community engagement, volunteerism and leadership opportunities.

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