Aspire Generation - Taking Action Toolkit

Aspire Generation - Taking Action Toolkit

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Lesson summary

The aim of this toolkit is to provide guidance for students to take positive action in their community that will have a meaningful and lasting impact.
The toolkit won’t tell students what action they should take – that’s up to them and is dependent on the difference that they want to make. Instead, this toolkit will help students with the ‘how’ of creating positive change.

The toolkit’s phases incorporate principles and activities based on ideas in project-based learning, design thinking and community engagement projects. Advise students to follow the phases sequentially – they will help to ensure that their action is meaningful and helpful to both themselves and the community.

The Aspire Generation Taking Action Student Toolkit is divided into the following sections:

  • Part 1 – What are Community Service and Volunteering?
  • Part 2 – My Vision for the Community
  • Part 3 – Problem Finding: What are the Issues Faced by the Community?
  • Part 4 – Synthesising: What did I Uncover?
  • Part 5 – Deciding How to Take Action
  • Part 6 – Planning for Action
  • Part 7 – Taking Action
  • Part 8 – Reflecting on Action: What Now?

Download the La Trobe University Aspire Generation Taking Action Toolkit here.

Additional Info

The Aspire Generation is a community of young people connected by their aspiration to make a difference through community service and leadership. They are the givers, the dreamers, the doers and the leaders who passionately pursue opportunities to address the big issues of their time. They think boldly and act responsibly and strive to leave a lasting impact on the world.

With our support, the Aspire Generation will be empowered to drive change through community engagement, volunteerism and leadership opportunities.

The opportunities provided through the Aspire Generation program support the aspirations of young people ranging from Year 9 through to Year 12. Members of the Aspire Generation benefit from a range of volunteer and leadership opportunities, hosted by La Trobe in conjunction with various community organisations.

  • Unlock your Aspire Early Offer
  • Make your mark through volunteering
  • Connect through mentoring and coaching
  • Engage in service, leadership events and awards.

High school students currently in Year 9, 10, 11 or 12 who have a passion for giving back, are eligible to be part of the Aspire Generation.

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