Back to Earth - Green Waste Action Planning

Back to Earth - Green Waste Action Planning

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  • Secondary
  • Year 7 - 8
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Design and Technologies
  • Environmental
  • Recycling
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Lesson summary

Students develop a communication plan aimed at inspiring more people to use green waste bins correctly.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • understand the environmental problems associated with sending green waste to landfill
  • recognise the benefits of recycling green waste
  • understand how to plan a communication project and how to communicate positive messages about recycling green waste to the community.

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Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian Curriculum content descriptions:

Year 7 Science:

  • Some of Earth’s resources are renewable, but others are non-renewable (ACSSU116)
  • Science understanding influences the development of practices in areas of human activity such as industry, agriculture and marine and terrestrial resource management (ACSHE121)

Year 8 Science:

  • Science and technology contribute to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues; these solutions may impact on other areas of society and involve ethical considerations (ACSHE135)

Year 7 & 8 Design and Technologies:

  • Critique needs or opportunities for designing and investigate, analyse and select from a range of materials, components, tools, equipment and processes to develop design ideas (ACTDEP035)

Syllabus Outcomes: SC4-13ES, SC4-11PW, SC4-12ES, T4.1.1.

Time required: 60 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – oversee activity.

Resources required

Additional info

Following these lessons plans is an ideal way for your students and the community to tune in to what happens to green waste once it is collected in a kerbside bin. The Back to Earth initiative is about connecting people with what happens to green waste once it leaves the garden, how it is processed, what it is used for at the end of this cycle and why its important to put the right things into the bin! 

Join thousands of others who have learnt about the benefits of using their green waste service correctly, for their communities and for the planet. Don’t forget to check out the Back to Earth initiative website: – to learn more.

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