National Recycling Week - Recycling Rhythms

National Recycling Week - Recycling Rhythms

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  • Secondary
  • Year 7 - 8
  • Science
  • The Arts
  • Music
  • Environmental
  • Recycling
  • Economic
  • Design Thinking
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Lesson summary

In groups of 6 – 8 (making only 3 or 4 groups in total), students will respond to a song with a sustainability message by choreographing and performing a dance or mime.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • respond to texts
  • understand the aims of National Recycling Week
  • grasp the messages in texts
  • collaborate to create physical representations of the ideas in texts.

Lesson guides and printables

Lesson Plan
Student Worksheet
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Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian Curriculum content descriptions:

Year 7 & 8 Dance:

  • Develop their choreographic intent by applying the elements of dance to select and organise movement (ACADAM014)

Year 7 & 8 Drama:

  • Plan, structure and rehearse drama, exploring ways to communicate and refine dramatic meaning for theatrical effect (ACADRM042)

Year 7 Science:

  • Some of Earth’s resources are renewable, but others are non-renewable (ACSSU116)

Year 8 Science:

  • Science and technology contribute to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues; these solutions may impact on other areas of society and involve ethical considerations (ACSHE135)

Syllabus Outcomes: SC4-11PW, SC4-12ES

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding

Cross-curriculum priorities: Sustainability OI.8

Time needed: 60 minutes

Resources required

  • Internet
  • Student Worksheet
  • ‘The Second Law: Unsustainable’ by Muse (consider downloading from iTunes)


This lesson is designed to build students’ competencies in the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration

Additional info

Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week started in 1996 to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling. This highly regarded annual campaign continues to educate and stimulate behaviour change by promoting kerbside, industrial and community recycling initiative. It also gives people the tools to minimise waste and manage material resources responsibly at home, work and school. In partnership with Planet Ark, we have developed lessons from early learning through to year 10 to help educators bring these important topics into the classroom.

National Recycling Week is held in the second week of November each year but you can recycle all year-round with these lessons which were designed to be used at any time. Click here to find out more about National Recycling Week and the Schools Recycle Right Challenge. 

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