School ground explorer

School ground explorer

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Lesson summary

This activity is designed for foundation year students to become familiar with their school ground using 10 structured activities. They will explore different aspects of their school ground that encompass many concepts they are developing. Teachers will find that some of their students’ school ground issues may crop up while outdoors which can then be addressed.

Learning Goals:

  • The environment can be explored and described.
  • A range of senses can be used to explore the environment.
  • Students need to look after their school ground.

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Curriculum mapping

Australian Curriculum content descriptions:

Foundation Science:

  • Living things have basic needs, including food and water (ACSSU002)
  • Daily and seasonal changes in our environment, including the weather, affect everyday life (ACSSU004)
  • Science involves exploring and observing the world using the senses (ACSHE013)
  • Explore and make observations by using the senses (ACSIS011)
  • Share observations and ideas (ACSIS012)

Syllabus outcomesSTe-4WS, STe-8NE, STe-7NE.

Time required: Duration of activity at teachers discretion.

Level of teacher scaffolding: High – lead students in activities.

Resources required

  • Art and writing materials.

Additional info

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