Keeping Anxiety At Bay During COVID-19

Keeping Anxiety At Bay During COVID-19

  • Secondary
  • Year 9 - 10
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Health
  • Environmental
  • Disaster resilience
  • Sustainability
  • ...

Lesson summary

This lesson is designed to be completed independently by students. 
Students will consider how COVID-19 is impacting their life. They will read a short article from The Conversation about coping with anxiety caused by the stress of COVID-19. Students will read through the article and complete a set of analytical questions to initiate their ideas. Next they will analyse an image and text from the article to understand the actions which may be unhelpful to them. They will complete a sensory activity and will work towards completing a reflective writing piece to explore their feelings and thoughts on the current situation. Finally, they will complete a reflection activity that will encourage them to focus on their mental health.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • understand causes of anxiety and actions to support a positive response to anxiety
  • create a reflective writing piece exploring your feelings, thoughts and actions on COVID-19 to support your mental health.

Success criteria:

Students can...

  • explain why certain words and images are chosen to portray meaning
  • identify actions that will support your mental health
  • reflect and express how you feel about your current situation in the form of a letter.

Lesson guides and printables

Student Worksheet

Additional info

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