Get your school’s social enterprise running

What can teachers do to promote “individual growth, increased school engagement and improved equality” (OECD)? Entrepreneurship education!

Imagine being able to develop within your students the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to run a business while tackling some of society’s biggest issues? Entrepreneurship education can lead your students in so many different directions and provides a remarkably flexible framework for you to lay almost any curriculum area across.

Toolkit of resources

We’ve teamed up with Social Enterprise Academy to produce five lessons for Primary and another five for Secondary schools to get any class started on their journey to setting up and running their own social enterprise.

Through this unit of work, your students will develop leadership, critical and creative thinking, employability,
blobal citizenship and entrepreneurship skills.

More about Social Enterprise Academy

Social Enterprise Academy have partnered with Cool Australia to create this condensed version of their Social Enterprise Schools program.

Through the process of setting up their own social enterprise, students develop the skills, mindsets and behaviours they will need as they move beyond the school gates. Following a 10-stage learning journey, students identify a social cause, before establishing and running their own social enterprise – a business with a social purpose. Profits gained through students trading are redistributed back to their identified social cause.

Primary and Secondary

With Thanks to our Partner would like to thank Social Enterprise Academy for supporting the development of these lessons.