Closing the E-Loop: Teaching Circular Economy for Secondary

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Focusing on action and hope

These resources are compiled into a user-friendly Vimeo showcase, designed to integrate seamlessly with lessons and aid teachers in their planning, learning, and projects, providing a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. The content places hope and optimism at the forefront, highlighting the positive actions undertaken by governments, businesses, organisations, and individuals rather than merely focusing on the negative aspects of the issues at hand.

With thanks to our partner

This Closing the E-Loop unit has been developed in partnership with Comsol, a manufacturer, importer and distributor of electronics, who use a step-by-step approach to sustainability to establish a sustainable, environmental and socially supporting ecosystem for technology products and services. A key pillar of Comsol’s overarching framework is education. They believe that knowledge-sharing about the electronic waste crisis, sustainability and closed-loop solutions for electronic products provide opportunities for society to speed up the transition to a circular economy.