Clean Up Australia - Play the Litterbug

Clean Up Australia - Play the Litterbug

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  • Year 3 - 6
  • English
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Lesson summary

Students will create a presentation in which they consider concepts of personal responsibility and active citizenship as they relate to the litterbug. They will investigate the environmental and social impacts of littering.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • understand the social implications of littering
  • begin to take responsibility for unwanted food packaging
  • will rethink the concept of why people litter.

Success criteria:

Students can...

  • explain how and why people litter
  • explain how littering can impact our environment.

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Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian Curriculum content descriptions:

Year 4 English:

  • Create literary texts by developing storylines, characters and settings (ACELT1794)
  • Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations incorporating learned content and taking into account the particular purposes and audiences (ACELY1689)
  • Create literary texts that explore students’ own experiences and imagining (ACELT1607)

Year 5 English:

  • Create literary texts using realistic and fantasy settings and characters that draw on the worlds represented in texts students have experienced (ACELT1612)
  • Clarify understanding of content as it unfolds in formal and informal situations, connecting ideas to students’ own experiences and present and justify a point of view (ACELY1699)
  • Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations for defined audiences and purposes incorporating accurate and sequenced content and multimodal elements (ACELY1700)
  • Understand the use of vocabulary to express greater precision of meaning, and know that words can have different meanings in different contexts (ACELA1512)

Year 6 English:

  • Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, choosing and experimenting with text structures, language features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience (ACELY1714)

Syllabus outcomesEN2-10C, EN2-2A, EN2-6B, EN3-1A, EN3-2A, EN3-6B, EN3-7C

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking.

Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability OI.3, OI.8.

Time required: 60+ mins.

Resources Required

  • Various props as required


This lesson is designed to build students’ competencies in the following skills:

  • communication
  • critical thinking

Additional info

Following this lesson plan is an ideal way for your school to take part in Schools Clean Up Day or a Clean Up on any day of the year. You’ll be joining thousands of amazing teachers in making a difference and creating positive environmental change.

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