Embrace Kids: Gender Stereotypes

Embrace Kids: Gender Stereotypes

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  • Year 5 - 6
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Lesson summary

Students will explore how gender stereotypes impact people and create strategies for identifying and challenging stereotypes.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • become aware of and challenge gender stereotypes that hold us back from expressing, accepting and embracing our bodies and ourselves.

Success criteria:

Students can...

  • understand what gender stereotypes are and how they influence us
  • challenge appearance-based gender stereotypes to accept ourselves and others.

Lesson guides and printables

Lesson Plan
A World Without Stereotypes Worksheet
Embrace Kids Teacher's Guidebook

Lesson details


This lesson is designed to build students’ competencies in the following skills:

  • critical thinking
  • empathy
  • initiative
  • reflection
  • social skills

Curriculum Mapping

Australian Curriculum (v9.0) content description:

Year 5 & 6, HPE:

  • Investigate how the portrayal of societal roles and responsibilities can be influenced by gender stereotypes (AC9HP6P03).

General capabilities: Personal and Social Capability

Syllabus outcomes: Stage 3, HPE


  • distinguishes contextual factors that influence health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical activity which are controllable and uncontrollable.

Relevant parts of Year 5&6 achievement standards: Students explain how different factors influence identities. They explain how stereotypes influence roles and responsibilities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

  • Target 5.c: Adopt and strengthen sound policies and enforceable legislation for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels

Resources Required

Additional Info

Embrace Kids is an uplifting film by Taryn Brumfitt that brings together a vibrant collection of stories from young people and famous friends alike, who share their experiences of body image, bullying, gender identity, advocacy, representation and more. This film aims to improve the body image of young people across Australia and the world. Aimed at 10-14-year-olds - but equally engaging for adolescents, teachers and parents - this film inspires, educates and advocates for a world where we are not held back by the thoughts we have about the way we look. Instead, young people are encouraged to figure out what makes them unique and special and use that to spark change.

The Embrace Kids Classroom Program was designed by body image researchers, teachers, and clinicians.

Level of teacher scaffolding: medium - share media, facilitate discussion and scaffold individual work.

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