Embrace Kids

Embrace Kids

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  • Year 5 - 6
  • Health and Physical Education
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  • Mental Health
  • Social and Emotional Learning
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Embrace Kids is an uplifting film by Taryn Brumfitt that brings together a vibrant collection of stories from young people and famous friends alike, who share their experiences of body image, bullying, gender identity, advocacy, representation and more. This film aims to improve the body image of young people across Australia and the world. Aimed at 10-14-year-olds - but equally engaging for adolescents, teachers and parents - this film inspires, educates and advocates for a world where we are not held back by the thoughts we have about the way we look. Instead, young people are encouraged to figure out what makes them unique and special and use that to spark change.

These five lessons embed short video pieces from the Embrace Kids film to empower students to explore and develop important life skills. They begin by fostering body appreciation, helping students respect and marvel at their own bodies. Students learn to navigate the complex world of social media, building a strong inner voice to counter its influence. They then confront and challenge gender stereotypes to reduce the pressures on the way they look and interact with the world. Next, they delve into the concept of inclusivity, generating student-led strategies to build resilient and inclusive communities. Finally, students discover the impact of their voices as they learn to be role models and create presentations aimed at instigating positive change. These lessons equip students with the tools to navigate life confidently, advocate for inclusivity, and inspire others to make a difference. These lessons focus on creating change at an individual level, but working through these lessons together as a class is a great way to change the classroom culture to reduce appearance pressure and address bullying issues.

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