The Oasis - Learning How to Offer Help

The Oasis - Learning How to Offer Help

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  • Secondary
  • Year 9 - 10
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Physical Education
  • Social
  • Equality
  • Homelessness
  • Human Rights
  • Social Action
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Lesson summary

Students identify the causes of youth homelessness and gain the skills to be able to pick up on the early warning signs that a friend may display if they are at risk of becoming homeless. They engage in a sticky-note brainstorm to identify the factors that can influence healthy decision-making and healthy behaviours. They then watch Part 9 of THE OASIS and identify aspects of the social and physical environment that influence the characters, as well as risk and protective factors. Students then use the Reach Out website to research options for supporting an at-risk friend and suggest ways to identify and respond to negative influences on their friend’s health and well being, with the aim of encouraging safer and healthier choices.

Key ideas to explore:

  • The factors that can influence healthy decision-making and behaviours.
  • Warning signs associated with youth homelessness.
  • The decision-making and problem-solving skills required when taking action to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and well being.

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Curriculum mapping

Australian Curriculum content descriptions:

  • Examine the impact of changes and transitions on relationships (ACPPS090)
  • Plan, rehearse and evaluate options (including CPR and first aid) for managing situations where their own or others’ health, safety and well being may be at short or long term risk (ACPPS091)
  • Propose, practise and evaluate responses in situations where external influences may impact on their ability to make healthy and safe choices (ACPPS092)

General capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding, Literacy, Personal and Social Capability.

Syllabus OutcomesPDHPE5.3, PDHPE5.2, PDHPE5.6, PDHPE5.7, PDHPE5.8, PDHPE5.12, PDHPE5.15, PDHPE5.16, PDHPE5.11

Unit of work: THE OASIS – HPE

Time required: 60 minutes

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – facilitate discussion.

Resources required

Additional info

This resource has been adapted from ‘Teaching Social Issues Through English’ developed with English Teachers Association NSW and the ‘Youth Homelessness Matters Resource’ developed by Janice Atkin. You can find these resources here.

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