Teaching resources for the 'Life After the Oasis' documentary

Engage with real-world social issues

Cool Australia has designed a suite of Year 9 & 10 English, Mathematics, Civics and Citizenship and HPE lessons to support students to safely and meaningfully engage with Life After The Oasis.

The film producers have generously made both The Oasis and Life After the Oasis freely available to schools.  The Oasis is currently available for viewing and once Life After The Oasis has aired on SBS Australia, teachers will be able to access via Cool.org lessons. 

About the film

Life After the Oasis is yet to be classified, but it contains confronting content including strong language, drug use and adult themes.
Although these lessons can be taught in isolation, a cross-curriculum approach drawing on all the different units will achieve the best results.

You may also wish to include a study of the first documentary, The Oasis, with its English and HPE curriculum-aligned lessons, to help students develop a deeper understanding of the topic and issues. Click here to find out more about The Oasis.

More about the film

Life After The Oasis is a 75-minute documentary that explores the issues, interventions and mindsets associated with lived youth homelessness in Australia. The film revisits people from the original 2008 documentary The Oasis and explores how opportunities and experiences have shaped their lives over the last ten years.


With thanks to our partner

Shark Island Productions are an award-winning independent documentary production company based in Sydney.