Creative Sustainability: Exploring Sustainability through Art

Creative Sustainability: Exploring Sustainability through Art

  • Primary
  • Year 5 - 6
  • The Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Environmental
  • Sustainability
  • ...

This unit focuses on teaching students about sustainability through creativity and art. Students will explore key themes around sustainability and how messages of sustainability are conveyed using images. They will also learn about the impact of human activities on the environment and how they can use art to illustrate these issues. Additionally, students will think critically about the origins of products they use and how they can reduce waste in the classroom. They will also learn how to design an ideal place and create an eye-catching slogan to encourage sustainable actions.

Tune in

Thought-provoking lessons featuring questions and activities designed to stimulate students' interest.

Find out

Explicit instruction on the topic, increasing in complexity and breadth of knowledge.

Take action

Contextualising knowledge and inspiring students through real-world examples. These lessons feature stories of inspirational people and organisations making a difference to help bring the learning to life.

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