Passion-led Learning

Passion-led Learning

  • Secondary
  • Year 8 - 10
  • Work Studies
  • Skills for Learning and Work
  • Career and Life Design
  • Social
  • Leadership
  • Economic
  • Design Thinking
  • Enterprise Learning
  • ...

This series of lessons aims to deepen and scale the role of passion in student learning. Passion-led Learning aligns with many of the current educational priorities, such as personalised learning, fostering agency and critical thinking, and promoting resilience. As students explore their passions, they not only develop a clearer sense of identity but also acquire valuable skills. These skills are nurtured as they pursue activities related to their passions.

These lessons have been customised to suit working on passion projects with an individual student, a group of students, or even a whole class. Each lesson is designed as a learning journey over an extended period of time, each one using the Passion Profile from The Passion Toolkit developed by our partner the Australian Learning Lecture (ALL).

These lessons are also supported by an in-depth set of Professional Learning Courses, developed to help teachers understand, design, and support passion-led learning in their students.


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