Passion-led Learning: Whole Class Passion Learning

Passion-led Learning: Whole Class Passion Learning

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  • Secondary
  • Year 8 - 10
  • Work Studies
  • Skills for Learning and Work
  • Career and Life Design
  • Social
  • Leadership
  • Economic
  • Design Thinking
  • Enterprise Learning
  • ...

Lesson summary

Create environments to enable a whole class to work on a passion project together, offering guidance for refining a collective interest, using Passion Profiles, and building milestones to facilitate shared impact.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • be able to develop a passion alongside their peers
  • build a set of skills and knowledge around a collective topic
  • be able to work collaboratively

Success criteria:

Students can...

  • identify shared goals and outcomes and their role in them
  • contribute ideas and cooperate on the workload

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Lesson Plan

Lesson details


This lesson is designed to build students’ competencies in the following skills:

  • adaptability
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • communication
  • community engagement
  • curiosity
  • initiative
  • problem solving
  • prototyping
  • reflection

Curriculum Mapping

Australian Curriculum (v9.0) content description:

Critical and Creative Thinking (Years 8 -10)

Personal and Social Capability (Years 8 -10)

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

  • Target 4.7: By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development

Resources Required

Additional Info

This lesson uses The Passion Toolkit, developed by our partner the Australian Learning Lecture (ALL). ALL acts as a hub and a catalyst, working with the world’s leading knowledge shapers to drive impact in key areas of education and the need for change.

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