Seal the Loop - Conserving marine biodiversity

Seal the Loop - Conserving marine biodiversity

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  • Secondary
  • Year 7 - 8
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Geography
  • Environmental
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
  • Oceans
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Lesson summary

Students will identify different views about the value of marine biodiversity, for example recreational, economic, human rights, human health, and intrinsic and spiritual. Students will interrogate these issues by looking at how conservation organisations think about biodiversity before planning, drafting and performing a play describing the different ways of thinking about marine biodiversity.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • understand that there are different ways of valuing marine biodiversity
  • make connections between how we value biodiversity and the actions we take to conserve it
  • develop literacy skills around planning, drafting and performing short plays.

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Lesson details

Curriculum mapping

Australian curriculum content descriptions:

Year 8 English:

  • Experiment with particular language features drawn from different types of texts, including combinations of language and visual choices to create new texts (ACELT1768)
  • Create imaginative, informative and persuasive texts that raise issues, report events and advance opinions, using deliberate language and textual choices, and including digital elements as appropriate (ACELY1736)
  • Experiment with text structures and language features to refine and clarify ideas to improve the effectiveness of students’ own texts (ACELY1810)

Year 8 Geography:

  • The ways of protecting significant landscapes (ACHGK052)

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical understanding

Syllabus OutcomesGE4-2, GE4-3EN4-4B

Time required: 2 x 60 mins

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – oversee activity and facilitate discussion.

Resources required

  • Internet access
  • Student worksheet

Additional info

Following this lesson plan is an ideal way for your school to introduce Zoos Victoria’s Seal the Loop program. You’ll be joining other amazing teachers in making a difference and creating positive environmental change. Go to Zoo Education Online to find further support for you to help you develop your own Seal the Loop program.

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