Waste pathways

Waste pathways

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Lesson summary

In this activity students investigate what happens to different solid waste streams in their local area.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • understand that there are a number of different waste streams in a school
  • recognise that each waste stream has a different pathway after it leaves a school
  • recognise that there are a number of different facilities in a particular region that handle each of these waste streams.

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Curriculum mapping

Australian Curriculum content description:

Year 9 Geography

  • Develop geographically significant questions and plan an inquiry that identifies and applies appropriate geographical methodologies and concepts (ACHGS063)
  • Collect, select, record and organise relevant geographical data and information, using ethical protocols, from a range of appropriate primary and secondary sources (ACHGS064)
  • The effects of the production and consumption of goods on places and environments throughout the world (ACHGK068)
  • Present findings, arguments and explanations in a range of appropriate communication forms, selected for their effectiveness and to suit audience and purpose; using relevant geographical terminology, and digital technologies as appropriate (ACHGS070)

Syllabus OutcomesGE4-2, GE4-3, GE4-4, GE4-5,  GE5-7, GE5-8

Time required: 60 mins

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – introduce and direct activity.

Resources required

  • Art materials
  • Computer with internet access

Additional info

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