Waste Q & A

Waste Q & A

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Lesson summary

Students research questions on the 4Rs +C (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Composting) for a class Waste Q&A quiz show. Students then participate in the quiz.

Learning intentions:

Students will...

  • learn about the 4Rs+C = Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Composting
  • understand what their local council and state government is doing to manage and promote the 4Rs+C.

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Curriculum mapping

Australian curriculum content description:

Year 9 English:

  • Use interaction skills to present and discuss an idea and to influence and engage an audience by selecting persuasive language, varying voice tone, pitch, and pace, and using elements such as music and sound effects (ACELY1811)
  • Use comprehension strategies to interpret and analyse texts, comparing and evaluating representations of an event, issue, situation or character in different texts (ACELY1744)
  • Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content and multimodal elements for aesthetic and playful purposes (ACELY1741)

Year 9 Science:

  • Communicate scientific ideas and information for a particular purpose, including constructing evidence-based arguments and using appropriate scientific language, conventions and representations (ACSIS174)

Year 10 English:

  • Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content and multimodal elements to influence a course of action (ACELY1751)
  • Use a range of software, including word processing programs, confidently, flexibly and imaginatively to create, edit and publish texts, considering the identified purpose and the characteristics of the user (ACELY1776)

Year 10 Geography:

  • The human-induced environmental changes that challenge sustainability (ACHGK070)
  • The environmental worldviews of people and their implications for environmental management (ACHGK071)

Syllabus OutcomesGE5-2, GE5-3, GE5-4SC5-9WSEN5-2A, EN5-3B

Time required: 60 mins

Level of teacher scaffolding: Low – oversee activity.

Resources required

  • Art materials
  • Computer with internet access

Additional info

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