Regenerative Farming and Land Management Teaching Resources

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Across 21 lessons, teachers are equipped to introduce students to agricultural practices, focusing on the history and development in Australia, the principles of regenerative agriculture, and the vital role of soil health. Teachers will find hands-on activities such as creating explanatory videos, planning regenerative gardens, conducting soil experiments, and analysing the significance of soil organisms.

Primary and Secondary units

Teach through film with Rachel's Farm

The Secondary lessons below include snippets of the brilliant new feature documentary from WildBear Entertainment, New Town Films and Regen Studios titled Rachel’s Farm - One woman’s journey from ecological despair to finding hope in the soil beneath her feet. Learn more and find out how to watch the film in full.

Enjoy a FREE teacher screening, including a special Q&A with Rachel Ward herself, on 9 October and 14 November. Click the hyperlinks to register.

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Lessons with Rachel's Farm

With thanks to our partners

We would also like to thank the Macdoch Foundation and Regen Studios for generously supporting the development of these lessons.